Our Story

My name is McKelle Skirvin (left), founder of High-Bib Co. Our story began when my daughter turned 6 months old and was ready to start solids. I was thrilled to introduce her to a variety of foods and enjoy meals together. I prepared by researching the latest gear for feeding babies and ended up purchasing a few silicone bibs and an IKEA Antilop high chair. I thought, "this combo will keep her clean!" .... Ohhh was I wrong. If you are a mother, this story probably feels far too familiar. Mealtime came and I gave Hazel some strips of avocado, Baby-Led Weaning style, and by the end of the meal she was wearing every piece! Every day as new foods were introduced, new shirts were ruined, and the dirty laundry pile was bounteous. AH! Meal time soon became my least favorite time of the day. A constant battle of mess and clean up, mess and clean up, was created and I found an unwanted frustration with this phase of motherhood.


I consider myself a "fixer"– if there's something I can do to resolve an issue, I do! So I searched and searched for something that would allow me to avoid changing my daughter after every meal (or having to strip her down to a diaper to eat). I found nothing. Nada. So I hit the drawing board. My desire to fix this problem coupled with my attention to detail and amazing feedback from friends and family allowed the creation of what we now know as The Original High-Bib.


My first experiences with High-Bib was SERIOUSLY amazing. I found myself looking forward to mealtime, planning meals, and putting whichever clothes desired on Hazel with knowing they wouldn't be destroyed after! It was so easy. Insert the High-Bib (or leave it in between meals), put her in, quickly cinch it under the armpits, put food on the tray, take her out when she's "all done", and wipe clean! And just like that, happy mealtime was created for both me (mom) and baby.


Initially, I created the High-Bib just for my own personal use but, as I talked to other mothers I realized that this is a mother/caregiver-wide issue! Everyone was dreading mealtime. While I am no business person, I soon became passionate about helping mothers create positive experiences with their children and creating positive mealtime experiences for children to learn to love and enjoy food! Nourishing children should be fun AND enjoyable.


My sister, Natalie, came on board with me to launch High-Bib Co. and has been an invaluable asset to the company. Our hope is to empower mothers in everything they do, including mealtime, and to give them the joyous sanity they deserve! We place high-quality and innovative design at the forefront of creating our products in order to give you the best possible product.  


Mealtime is about to get so much better. #thankshighbib